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Harber Home Theater is owned and operated by Drew and Anne Harber. Founded in 2013, we started as a sales and installation retailer for Dish Network satellite television. Our services have changed and diversified over the past eleven years, now incorporating some of the most advanced home technologies available on the market. We can customize a solution that is specific to your situation.

Since we are an authorized dealer for most of the major brands on the market, you can purchase all of your equipment through us at competitive prices. Your installation will be carried out by a company that can help you with any problems that may occur. Should the need arise, we will troubleshoot any issues and ensure all warrantied items are repaired or replaced. You won't spend more money. You'll just get better service.


Since 2013, our company has continued to grow and evolve, but so has our family. When we founded the company, we had one infant daughter. Now, we are blessed with six children. This has only increased our enjoyment of technology throughout our home, as we play games, watch movies and listen to music with our children. We want to bring this type of enjoyment and experience to our customers at a price they can afford and a quality unmatched by box stores or DIY solutions. 


Our quotes are designed to be a turnkey solution, including all the necessary equipment to get your new systems up and running. We can work with you to help define a budget or put together a solution with a budget already in mind. Our solutions range from entry level up to reference grade, so we can accommodate a wide variety of requests. We offer free in-home consultations to help find the best options for your ideas or to help you design a project from scratch.

Whether you are building a new home or renovating an existing one, it is critical that we get involved in the process as early as possible. Despite the assumptions about wireless technology, most AV and data systems work better and more reliably with hardwired connections. The cost to hardwire these technologies during the building or renovation process is a fraction of the cost of doing so after construction is complete. If contacted during the planning stages, we can put together a recommendation for wiring your home with current and future technologies in mind. In addition, we can handle the wiring ourselves to ensure proper placement and quality of all wiring.


With Control4 Home Automation, we can enable control of your entire home (from door locks, garage doors and security to televisions and sound systems).  We can set up control of your front gate and install a camera system to help keep your family safe. Our video distribution systems allow us to house all of your equipment in a central location, neatly tucked in an equipment rack, while all your televisions hang wire-free on the walls throughout your house.

To ensure your home is properly prepared for current and future needs, we can install a whole home Wi-Fi system designed to broadcast in multiple locations without losing any signal quality from your original internet feed. Unlike overpowered routers and Mesh solutions, our systems are hard-wired back to the original location and provide 100% of the original internet speed in multiple strategic locations, solving coverage issues that no other type of system can solve.

With our whole home audio systems, we can make it easier than ever to play music or TV sound around your house. We can combine permanently installed recessed speakers in your ceilings with portable, wireless speakers to provide a solution for every room of the house. This can extend to your patio, pergola, cabana or pool areas with outdoor speakers and landscape speaker solutions. 

If you are looking at an outdoor project (such as a television or speakers on a patio or pergola), we can customize a system designed to withstand the challenge of elements and distance, giving you the features and flexibility to watch or listen to any source at the press of a button. 

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